Set in England in the years following the Great War, Maisie is a rarity.
A former servant whose thirst and capacity for knowledge garnered the respect of her employers, Maisie rose above her station, studied with one of the finest minds in England, served as a nurse on the front lines in France, and survived the war, but not without scars both internal and external.
Putting her studies to good use, Maisie opened her own investigative service, and uses her skills of perception and detection to solve some unusually complex problems.
With each passing novel a little more of Maisie’s character is tantalizingly revealed, and in An Incomplete Revenge, we learn that Maisie’s powers of observation may have much deeper roots than were developed in her studies.
As she investigates some petty crimes and arson in picturesque Kent, she discovers that a profound shadow of the Great War hangs over one village in particular, and Maisie acquires some unusual allies - with similar powers of observation – while attempting to solve their malaise.
The Maisie Dobbs series will be enjoyed by those who like a great deal of atmosphere and reflection in their mysteries.

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