Call this: Sex and the City-Lite... like REAL Lite!!!

But that's not the only reason why I'm grading this flic as just average - barely that, too! It's because it could have been so, so much more, given the love affair with and such promise of the first Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

In that first really refreshing film - the traveling pants had a true role to play. Besides looking like really hip and stylish dangeries to don - despite their wear and tear - they also moved the plot along in tandem with the girlfriend wearing them.

I didn't get that sense this time around.

Instead, the pants became a metaphor for what was missing in this outing.

In a bit of unintentional foreshadowing - even the plotline included a screw-up in the order of who was to wear them next. Once that happened, it exposed the folly all together, and quickly turned the rest of the movie into a synthesis dedicated to the unmindful olfactorys of screenwriter Elizabeth Chandler and the equally optically challenged new director Sanaa Hamri.

I really think Delia Ephron, who co-wrote the movie script for the first film with Chandler, and who is known to also co-write scripts with her very funny and inventive sister, Nora Ephron (When Harry met Sally, Sleepless In Seattle), would have given this second coming the different look and feel it needed to bring closure to some things.

Had she been given the chance again - she probably could have saved it even if she'd only offered us more of the same contrivance she so successfully blended into the first film, a fairly accurate adaptation of Ann Brashares' best-selling novel about one very special summer in the lives of four lifelong friends.

Alas... the studio went looking elsewhere and got Chandler solo, and Hamri. The audience got blaaaa...!

Joseph so aptly hit the nail on the head in his review: It builds and builds but doesn't deliver.

As a final slap of ineptitude, Director Hamri even managed to make Santorini look maudlin - when everyone who's been there knows - it is anything but!

So... left with a "what the heck was that?" kinda feeling in the end I guess I'm going to have to say that the final fate of the traveling pants was the ultimate harbinger of what really happened to these four fabulous friends.

Despite Carmen's meandering musings in voice-over in the film's last scenes - if I was true to the feelings that were conjured up by the actors' characters this time around, I'd have to say that the enduring bond that kept these four distinctly different personalities together as friends in the first movie, sadly came apart too much in the second go-around.

And like favourite cups and saucers that break but are glued back together, the cracks, either subtle or clear, always remain... and end up defining the look and feel of both entities, forever.

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