Stan Lee's How to Draw Comics
Stan Lee's How to Draw Comics From the Legendary Co-creator of Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Iron Man By Lee, Stan Book - 2010 | 1st ed

Informative book, but full of errors and typos.

Page 10, 3rd column, 3rd paragraph: “superheroes” is divided up between the 2nd and 3rd line but is missing the hyphen.

Page 14: Caption states “1940” for Detective Comics #27, but the cover of that issue on page 15 shows “May,1939”.

Page 40: 2nd caption seems to describe the shapes for the body on page 41 rather than the face on page 40.

Page 46: “characters’ necks” ? The close up on the right does not even show that character’s neck. The horizon line appears to be at the bottom of the nose.

Page 78: Superheroes are described as 9 heads high, but the chart is confusing. The caption states the man on the right as heroic proportions. If we look at the line on the top of his head, it’s labeled 9. But the line labeled as 1 head high is actually at the bottom of his feet, which is the baseline (0 heads high). On the other hand, if the numbers represent the spaces between the lines, then that bottom space is indeed 1 head high. But then that would make the man of heroic proportion only 8 heads high, not 9.

Page 117: The words in panel 4 states, “Hurtling past the towering figure, the soaring surfer enmeshes his inhuman foe in a glowing cocoon of shimmering, seething energy.” Since I can only see this one page of the entire graphic novel and not what happens next, I can only assume (based on the words in panel 4) this panel in depicting Galactus in the glowing cocoon. But in the description located on the lower left of the page, it says the glowing effect is around the Silver Surfer, not Galactus. (As I said, I don’t know what happens next in this graphic novel so this may or may not be correct.)

Page 145: Paragraph 4. Hours later, what you see “below”. Should be “above”.

Page 150: Caption states Fantastic Four #63, but at the top of the art board, it says Fantastic Four #61.

Page 188: In the script for panel 1 and the beginning of panel 4, the woman’s name is Julie. But in the 2nd half of the script for panel 4, her name is now Chris.

Page 224: I did not proofread the index page, but a couple of entries caught my attention:

Banzai Girls, 44,102,114,208-209 : The book only mentions Banzai Girls on page 102, not the other pages. On page 44, the art is credited to Jonathan Lau, but the only Banzai Girls comic I’m familiar with is by Jinky Coronado. (This may or may not be an error depending on if Jonathan Lau also draws a comic called Banzai Girls). Page 114 is Re-Animator, not Banzai Girls. Page 208-209 is Red Sonja, not Banzai Girls.

Francisco, Tina, 41 : Only one page is credited to her. Based on the last paragraph on page 36, the index should credit her for pages 36 - 41.

The following are suggestions:

Page 86: Six lines from the bottom of the page. “sword-wielding arm”. Since this is Thor, how about “hammer-wielding arm”?

Page 131: “work involved is 100 percent thinking and 10 percent drawing”. In sports they like to talk about giving a hundred and ten percent, but division of labor is like dividing up a whole pie. A person can’t have half (50 percent) of the whole pie if someone else already took three quarters (75 percent) of the pie. The pie would have to start out as 125 percent for it to add up, but that's not possible since a whole pie is restricted to being 100 percent of the whole pie. Perhaps the phrase in the book would be better stated as “work involved is 90 percent thinking and 10 percent drawing”.

Page 208: At the top of the page, the character with Red Sonja is described as a sorcerer. Since the character is a woman, how about calling her a sorceress?

Page 218: 2nd column, lines 8 and 9. “full-sized photocopies of several different pencilers to ink.” This sounds like the photocopies are of the pencilers themselves. How about rewording it as “photocopies BY several…..” ?

Front cover: Wolverine is too tall. Thing is suppose to have 3 fingers.

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