I have never fallen in love with a book like this before. Somehow this book is an incredible journey and I am so thankful to have been on it.

However, this book is not for everyone. Not even close. I like to describe this book as a fairytale. Beautiful, flowy, and easily to get lost in.

But it’s also like a fairytale in the way there is little to no worldbuilding, rules or reason.

The magic told in this story just is. It has no limitations or lengths it cannot reach, it is like a fairytale because everything in this story just is- and you simply have to accept that.

There is no plot- Well that’s not exactly true. There is a plot, but it is incredibly slow-moving and (seemingly) random side plots will appear. The timeline jumps around, and you have to pay attention to keep up with the dates.

If you need a constant plot moving book, this book will not give you that. It is an extremely character-driven book.

I was perfectly happily to get lost in it and love it that more because of these reasons, however if you can’t- I would not recommend this book.

To everyone else, this was a gorgeous book. So easily to fall into this deep, magical world that made me feel like I was on some ethereal journey. I found myself yearning for things I didn’t know I wanted through this book. The descriptions are incredible and I will forever be thankful I read this book.

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