Could not finish it. The story was relying on plot devices that I just could not believe.

Two young children are chosen to be pawns in a contest by adults who, in one case, is her father, in the other, his legal guardian. What must they do to win they contest? Neither the children, nor we the readers, are told. Any attempts by the children, who rather quickly in the novel become adults, to get information about the contest, or what they should do is dismissed out of hand. When they accomplish something, it is impossible for us to judge if they are gaining or falling behind in this contest. Furthermore, when they do accomplish something, were are not really told what sort of spectacular, magical accomplishment they succeeded at making - just that they made a move in the contest - but again, without knowing what, if anything that moves accomplishes.

At about the half way point of the novel, I just did not feel that it was worth the effort to continue reading this story that was going nowhere.

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