Bonk The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex By Roach, Mary Book - 2009

Another winner by science-humour writer Mary Roach. This time out, she tackles the science of sex. Very little was known about what happens to the body during sex until the 20th century, when researchers like Kinsey and Masters and Johnson started making detailed observations and examinations. There were also other, less well-known scientists and doctors, some of whom had very peculiar theories. Roach highlights them all, covering such topics as the nature and purpose of female orgasm, erectile dysfunction (impotence was, for a brief time, a crime in 17th-century France!), masturbation, and sex toys. Roach even volunteers for a couple of experiments because most research centres won't allow journalists to observe other subjects in sex research. She does get to watch a surgical procedure that has forever changed the way I look at oysters and parking meters! Through it all, Roach uses her trademark wit and footnote asides to explore the language, mystery, and absurdity of human sexuality.

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