Stormcaster A Shattered Realms Novel By Chima, Cinda Williams Book - 2018

(Vague Spoilers) I enjoyed this book, and I liked the introduction of Evan Strangward and his character, and was interested by his interactions and decisions throughout the story. We also learned more about the land on the other side of the ocean, and a little more about Celestine and the mage marks. However, this book also had some problems as well. With each book, more characters are introduced, and it feels like the author is struggling to juggle screentime effectively and I felt disappointed by the lack of focus on some of the characters that I cared about. I understand that they aren't the main characters of this book, but considering that there is only one book left, I'm worried that they won't really get fleshed out at all. In addition, this book didn't really have a climax or a real conclusion, and it felt like one book-long set up for the next one. It felt like the tension kept building up, and then it just stopped aruptly, "the end", and the book was over. Honestly, the rating would probably be closer to 3.5 stars but I liked Evan so it's bumped up a bit.

Cynthena's rating:
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