How to Sell your Art Online
How to Sell your Art Online Live A Successful Creative Life on your Own Terms By Huff, Cory Book - 2016

As the Library Journal says this book DISCUSSES the business side of selling your art focusing mainly on selling online. Unfortunately it doesn't give much concrete instruction on how to actually go about it.
The first five chapters contain lots of inspirational material which the reader my enjoy and find very inspiring with a lot of good success stories. But that is all they are STORIES.
The useful information doesn't really begin until Chapter 6. Lots of discussion and suggestions and again " inspirational" material.
I was disappointed in what from the title I thought was a "How To" book.
Unfortunately this book can not be considered an Instruction manual, guide or course in any sense. It doesn't really teach you anything.
Interesting no doubt for someone who already has some good Internet and social media marketing know-how and experience to get some new ideas; but confusing and daunting to the beginner.
The main thrust appears to be that artists that want to market their art online should not relay on galleries or forums like Etsy but should start their own website (with no real advice about how to go about doing that).
Cory seems to be very knowledgeable on the subject and has presented lots of great information and advice and I can recommend it to the net savvy reader that wants to market his or her art online.
However it falls short and fails to qualify as a "How To" book since it lacks step by step specific instructions as to how to go about it.
A better more accurate title might be "Ideas and Examples for Marketing your Art Online".

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