From Here to Eternity
From Here to Eternity Traveling the World to Find the Good Death By Doughty, Caitlin Book - 2017 | First edition

You know how sometimes you end up on, as we call it "The weird part of youtube"? I ended up there because a friend mentioned this channel "Ask a Mortician", and frankly they have excellent taste in weird internet because I've been HOOKED for almost a month. Then I discovered there was a book and boy howdy did I want it. (And thanks to the wonder that is my work AKA the Public Library that had a copy, I GOT ONE)

I was a little worried that the funny and quirky entertainment side of the channel wouldn't translate to writing, but it really did and the book was making me laugh within the first few chapters. Death isn't something I, or most people really, like to think about but I definitely have lately. Finding out about the different ways that cultures handle death around the world (Aka not our regular ways in Western society) was morbidly intriguing and Caitlin honestly makes it fun and entertaining to listen to. The illustrations were a nice touch, because while I missed having actual pictures I can understand why there were none. (I found myself googling a lot later).

I definitely recommend the book, which I already did at work by slapping a STAFF PICK sticker on the cover.


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