Redemption Point
Redemption Point By Fox, Candice Book - 2019 | First U.S. edition

Best book of 2019! Absolutely riveting! There's some heavy stuff going on in this series, but with a cast of quirky characters it doesn't get too dark. The writing is excellent, with a steady pace. Ted has been found guilty (in the court of public opinion), for a heinous crime against a child. Except for a smattering of people who believe in his innocence, he is vilified wherever he goes. So engrossing, I was anxious for Ted to be vindicated, and could not stop reading. Although you don't have to read the first book, Crimson Lake, why wouldn't you, it's fantastic too! I re-read Crimson Lake and did a back to back binge-fest and loved every second. Flawless!

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