Using exigent circumstances was a tricky thing and you didn’t want it to come back and bite you on a case. “EC refers to the missing man and possible danger to him,” Ballard said. “You don’t look under a rug for a missing man. You look under a rug for evidence. I’m going to call a judge, and that way there are no issues down the road. ”

“No college kid is awake this early.” “No, just checking her location,” Bosch said. “Seeing if she’s at home. She’s twenty - one now and I thought that would lessen the worry, but it’s only made it worse. ” “Does she know you can track her?” “Yeah, we made a deal. I can track her and she can track me. I think she worries about me as much as I worry about her. ” “That’s nice, but you know that she can just leave her phone in her room and you’d think she was there.” Bosch looked up from the phone to Ballard.

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