Bottle of Lies
Bottle of Lies The Inside Story of the Generic Drug Boom By Eban, Katherine Book - 2019 | First edition

Chronicle the history of the generic drug industry with India as the (evil) leader, US FDA a (reluctant) accomplice. Though I’ve been fortunate to touch no medicine, this eye opening book struck me more than life and death of sick individuals.
Dare no official voicing embargo of Indian generics, when policy affect business of demand and supply.
One can resort to all means staying away from generic drugs, but even the brand name drugs with API supplied from overseas are precarious.
What’s to come as China replacing India in drug industry, worse?
Peter Baker could train the investigators. It’s more urgent to train the factory workers in the developing countries, which may not be the scope here. The book alludes the universal common sense of human life vs local culture of doing business, only touches the surface of issues which are system wide and corrupt globally.

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