Oh, no! Not another Alzheimer's movie!

Wait, wait! This one's different.

We've had "the effect on the husband" movie--Away From Her, with Julie Christie and (under appreciated) Gordon Pinsent). We"ve had "the victim plans and struggles on" movie--Still Alice, with Julianne Moore.

Now we have "The agony of the care givers" movie.
And it's exceptionally good. The others movies were very good, too, but, as you can see, this one is different--not really about the disease/condition, nor the victim, but those around her (yes, again, it's a woman who has Alzheimer's) and the effect it has on them. Of which the aging wife/mom (well-played by veteran Blythe Donner) is completely oblivious.

All performances are up to the material and then some: On-the-scene son, Michael Shannon, Missing-in-action daughter, Hilary Swank and long-suffering husband who insists he can handle it all, Robert Forster--who died of brain cancer a few months after this movie was released.

But it's the "material"--the script that makes this movie. After she finished writing What They Had, as a Sundance Institute Screenwriter's lab project, neophyte Elizabeth Chomko. Lots of laughs, and drama, too. Chomko decided only she could direct it, and wisely, interested Indie producers agreed. Many writer-directors with years of experience haven't done as well.

One of the best I've seen so far this year.

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