The Hunting Party
The Hunting Party A Novel By Foley, Lucy Book - 2019 | First U.S. edition

4 - 4 1/s star read. This thriller was a good read and had a lot of twists and turns along the way. A group of old friends who met at Oxford has an annual New Year's Eve getaway. This year, it is Emma's turn and she has picked a hunting lodge in a remote part of the Highlands in Scotland. Everyone arrives and soon begins to party, but as the time goes on, in flashbacks, cracks in the foundations of the friendships and some of the marriages begin to appear. And when one of the party disappears and is later found dead amidst a blizzard, it soon becomes apparent that someone in their little group of friends might just be a murderer. But who is is? A very compelling read and it kept me turning the pages.

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