Autumn A Novel By Smith, Ali Paperback - 2017

I hated this book and am sorry that I wasted my time finishing it. I found the rhyming annoying rather that wonderful. The authors "joyful celebration of language" only served to obscure communication. I had difficulty finding continuity. Mr Gault appreciates pop art which leads to an unintelligible discourse on Pauline Boty. Why? What were we supposed to learn? And Christine Keeler - another tangent that elucidates nothing about Elisabeth and Daniel. I agreed with the disgust over "immigrant hatred". I guess the double fences are like Trump's proposed wall on the Mexican border. The only times that I liked the novel was when the story detailed the relationship between Elisabeth and Daniel. I wanted to know more about Daniel's history. VERY DISAPPOINTED. DO NOT RECOMMEND. Kristi & Abby Tabby

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