It's a strange experience to read a fantastical and magical series such as this and still feel the overwhelming emotion of reality, as if this world is a true possibility in our own and that the boundaries of the pages no longer limit what it can be.
This fourth and final installation of the Raven Cycle is intense. Possession, worry, love, and fear spring up constantly throughout the novel like a field of daisies.
Gansey knows he's going to die. He doesn't know exactly when, how or why, but deep down he knows it's going to be within the year.
Blue is trying to get back to a 'normal' life but it bores the crap outta her, especially after all the intensity of what happened the month before. But it looks like there won't be a way for her to get to college, so she's got to do the best for her future and make her dreams of travel come true.
Noah is fading. Decaying, really. His soul is the tiniest possible thread it could be and yet he's still hanging on. He can't move on quite yet.
Adam is still doing all he can for the ley line, but he still has trouble at times without Persephone. He needs to trust Cabeswater completely, but is it all right?
Ronan is falling for Adam. He knows it but he can't stop. When he dreams, he sees nightmare after nightmare, and evidently brings someone back through them, a person he never meant to leave his dreams.
Piper is alive. And using the favor of a demon to get what she believes is her heart's desire. Doesn't matter the price. Who cares about some trees?
Cabeswater is fighting a battle it cannot win. The third sleeper is awake and unmaking everything that was dreamt into being. It needs the Raven Boys and Blue to save it.

This book was well done, and I felt that the storyline concluded in an almost-totally satisfying way. I can honestly say I'm said for it to end :(

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