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The Summer 2019 Anime Season Guide

"Like some Hollywood films, many anime started off as an entirely different form of media. From graphic novels to light novels and games, there are tons of ways to enjoy this season's new shows. So, if you want to catch up on an older series or re..."
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General Recommendations

Books and Their Podcasts

"Do you enjoy listening to podcasts? Here is a list of books based on or inspired by podcasts, and vice versa."
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Jun 22 2019
"I loved this book almost as much as I loved Uprooted, very good storyline, more characters, lots of magic and two strong young women as protagonists. It also has a twist ending that I was expecting, this book keeps yo guessing just when I thought ..." Permalink
IndyPL_JosephL made a comment Jun 17 2019
"An adorably charming story of a young girl who plays dress up and visits her mother while wearing all kinds of silly costumes. While Eleanor Sue's behavior could be seen a troublesome for some parents, her mother does a wonderful job playing alon..." Permalink
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