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illy made a comment Dec 29 2020

The Invisible Man

DVD - 2014
"The 3rd film in the Legacy collection is the Invisible Woman. This one is a comedy. The stunt involving the butler walking up a ladder, next to a man walking up a flight of stairs, is worthy of a Jackie Chan stunt. One of the 3 Stooges has a ro..." Permalink
illy made a comment Sep 14 2020
"Most interesting and unique concept, at least in the U.S., is that Arnold (a republican) pays his employees 14 months of salary per year. The 13th is for the employee's summer vacation. The 14th month's salary is their Christmas bonus." Permalink
illy made a comment Aug 13 2020
"When an absurd premise can carry the story to the very end, you know it's a good book. I would love to know the backstory on Ignatitus. A strong militant female character, but not totally in control of that facade, such as when Nadya was tea..." Permalink
illy made a comment Feb 12 2020
"Great story. Well written with some 'play on words' (See quotes). Kind of surreal so it's worth reading twice. First time for the mystery. Second time to really see how it all fits together from the new perspective of knowing the ending. The ..." Permalink
illy made a comment Jan 02 2020


DVD - 2019
"The actor playing the super powered kid does an excellent job of conveying innocence and vulnerability as well as portraying evil." Permalink
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