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pemberely made a comment Dec 30 2018
"haven't listened to any of the hp audiobooks yet, but taking this one out first for my sister it's beyond me why it's so hard to find a non-downloadable audiobook with stephen fry narrating-so unfair oh well" Permalink
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Nov 05 2018
"This film is the Rock'em Sock'em Robots of the Shakespeare world. This is the "True Lies" meets the "Terminator" of the 15th Century. The acting is that intense. Al Pacino turns in his finest performance as Shylock. When he rai..." Permalink
pemberely made a comment Nov 01 2018

Forks Over Knives

DVD - 2011
"Essentailly, vagueries when it comes to specifics about how animal products are detrimental to your health. I see this being a life-saving diet for an individual who is severly overweight and has a score of health issues as a result of poor diet,..." Permalink
pemberely made a comment Sep 20 2018

Shakespeare in Love

DVD - 1998
"agree with dupree905" Permalink
pemberely made a comment Sep 18 2017
"This movie is very well done. Although i, like many others, was stunned by the stark difference in look and feel of the 3rd HP compared to the first two films, I always liked it. It doesn't deviate that much, like the movies that follow. I woul..." Permalink
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